Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A wig to die for?

I’m a greedy Cross-dresser.  My wife (bless her) lets me indulge, and boy do I take advantage.  In another post I’ll enumerate the contents of the stuffed closets in my den, but today I’m thinking of wigs.

I have three drawers-full – short, medium and long.  My favourite wigs are blond, straight and long, but I have a good collection of darker ones too.  I bought two more just last week on e-bay, mainly ‘cos I suspected no-one would treat me for Christmas.  These were from a new supplier, who is obviously tapping into a Japanese manufacurer – the cut, and fibre is quite dissimilar from the Chinese ones.

In my lust to be more perfect, a wig made of real hair always seemed the most desirable.  And indeed I bought one (well 50% real hair) only a year ago.  Sure enough, as a dark brown 23” wig, it’s the most lustrous thing in my wardrobe. Like my fake boobs, it’s not mine own, but just brushing my fingers through it, is a turn-on.  I’ve even been casually looking on the web for one that’s blonde, and 100%.

That was, until I heard a programme on the radio about women, being killed, especially in Mexico. Some are severely mutilated. Now I’m sure, or rather I really sincerely hope, that no-one is hurt in harvesting the human hair for my wigs.  But it makes you think – what woman will willingly cut off her hair?  Or is so desperate that she sells her crowning glory?  At an average of   ½-inch growth per month, hair for such a wig as I desire, would take 3 years to grow.  If I can buy a real hair wig for $200, how little did she get anyway?

Isn’t that sad?  In deference to my sisters, I’ll stick with the modacrylic. (Though I do sometime worry that, wearing a long wig, if I accidentally eat some with my dinner, the fibre will wrap itself round my guts like fishing line in a swan’s gizzard)

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