Monday, 3 January 2011

Frock your man today

Stephen Fry recently twittered that “women trade sex for security”.  He came into some stick for this, as there’s obviously some uncomfortable truth in his comment.  In fact, as a homosexual, he wasn’t directly criticising women, more that he was implying that men enjoy a richer and more regular sex-life, with each other.  Perhaps his agenda was to persuade those ambivalent closet-bound gay men to come out. 

However most cross-dressers (myself included) aren’t gay, so let’s look at another implication of Fry’s comment. Which is that genetic women, if they were logical (!) would keep their men-folk close with easily delivered sex, in the home.  Some of course will deliver regular sex (Whoopee doo!)  But regrettably many ladies get bored and stop making themselves available.  More so, they get quite selfish – “you can only have sex with me, and I don’t want any.”

But ladies, to keep your man really close, why not encourage him in his cross-dressing? Look at the benefits:
1)      He gets sexual gratification in the home, but without your being pestered.
2)      Being shy, he’ll be pathetically grateful when you buy him a small female gift, such as false eyelashes, or some perfume  (So easy for you, so scary for him) Likewise, he’ll be hugely grateful when you buy him something big, such as a dress or shoes. And do all manner of chores to show his thanks.
3)      The more you encourage him, the less he’s likely to stray, in case his shameful secret is exposed to the cruel world.
4)      He’ll be generous in buying nice clothes for you, ‘cos unlike most men, he really enjoys shopping, especially in the lingerie department.
5)      If you allow him to wear an apron, he’ll likely do the ironing.
6)      If he let him have a den, or a regular femme-day, he’ll be loyally grateful, and in return give you the long-term security you crave.
7)      He’ll never be as pretty as you, so no need to be jealous.
8)      You can borrow his stuff
9)      When the urge is on him (every 3 days IMHO) he’s just a dog wanting a bone, and will do anything you need done.
10)  Compared with bestiality, gay promiscuity, or just plain having a mistress, cross-dressing is pretty damn harmless.

So ladies everywhere, frock your man today, and enjoy a blissful marriage!

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